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NBA Fans React To Epic LeBron James' Look Alike: “He Even Did The Bron Run Back.”

lebron double

Even though neither he nor his Los Angeles Lakers are going through a good situation right now, LeBron James remains in good spirits, starring in fun moments on social media.

Earlier this week, he reacted to a hilarious meme of a couple taking a hot water shower, with the man struggling to be under the water, while the lady was incredibly comfortable. He related to the pic and even joked by repeating what he'd say to his wife Savannah when that happens

That's not the only interesting social media event that involved LeBron this week, as some fans found his doppelganger. Instagram page "filayyyy" recently shared a video of a man playing a pickup game, showing his skillset. That's not weird since it happens all the time, but in this case, the man has the exact same move as LeBron James. 

In a series of plays, this person defended the ball, pulled up, did a side pass, went for the layup, and even went back to defense exactly like The King. The similarities are incredible and fans couldn't hide their surprise to see somebody resembling James' game so well. 

bron 8
bron 7
bron 6
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bron 1

We haven't seen LeBron reacting to this, but if he ever watches that clip, he would react exactly like the fans. Bron has a style of play that not everybody can emulate and this player perfectly nailed it. It's unknown if he modeled his game after The King, but he does a terrific impersonation of the 4x NBA MVP. 

Meanwhile, Bron keeps trying to recover from a knee injury while his Lakers are looking to make moves ahead of the trade deadline to improve their level and become championship favorites again.