NBA Fans React To Kyle Kuzma Bleaching His Hair Once Again

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Kyle Kuzma Hair

A lot of basketball players are known for their off-court endeavors alongside their ability on the court. The same is no different for Kyle Kuzma. During his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, he has established himself as someone who is well versed in fashion. Kuzma has often tried new things when it comes to his appearance.

Kyle Kuzma has recently bleached his hair once again, going with the blonde hair that he had in the past. It seems as though Anthony Davis told him to do it, and it is definitely an interesting look for sure.

NBA fans reacted to the Tweet that featured Kyle Kuzma's new hair. There were a variety of opinions on his new hair, with some people even comparing Kyle Kuzma to a famous rapper, Eminem (goes by Slim Shady). He was also compared to Dennis Rodman as well, while others focused on how Anthony Davis was the one who told Kuzma to bleach his hair.

Needless to say, Kyle Kuzma's new hair has attracted a lot of attention around the internet. Hopefully, Kyle Kuzma can rock this new look with confidence, off and on the court. Kuzma's hair is definitely intriguing and adds to his overall reputation as someone who isn't afraid to go with a bold appearance.