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NBA Fans React To Kyrie Irving's 22 Point Season Debut With The Nets: "It's Over For The League, Give Us The Chip Baby."

Kendrick Perkins Is Happy That The Nets Decided To Let Kyrie Irving Play As A Part-Time Player: “I’d Rather A Part-Time Kyrie Than A No-Time Kyrie!”

Kyrie Irving was previously sitting out games for the Brooklyn Nets due to the franchise's reluctance to let him be a part-time player. However, the electric guard made his season debut against the Indiana Pacers, and he certainly didn't disappoint.

The Indiana Pacers were leading by 13 points at halftime, but the Brooklyn Nets ended up pulling out the win. Kevin Durant was obviously the star of the show with a 39 point performance. However, Kyrie Irving made some clutch baskets and helped the Brooklyn Nets finish the comeback, finishing with 22 points. It is definitely good for the Nets that Kyrie Irving's return was in a win, and hopefully, their success continues.

A lot of NBA fans reacted to the Brooklyn Nets' defeating the Indiana Pacers in Kyrie's debut. Many lauded Irving's performance in the comeback, and there's no question that the offense simply looked smoother with all of the Nets' stars present.

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The Brooklyn Nets bringing Kyrie Irving back is a choice that has been understandable on their part. They have dealt with a lot of players being sidelined under health and safety protocols, and a part-time Kyrie Irving is better than no Kyrie Irving at all. There's no question that Kyrie Irving is a difference-maker when he does play, especially in the playoffs.

Patty Mills has previously stated that Kyrie Irving will be perfect for the Brooklyn Nets in situations where the Brooklyn Nets offense stagnates. This was on display tonight, and Kyrie Irving's shotmaking was crucial in them being able to pull out the win.

The Brooklyn Nets lost their 1st seed spot due to a recent losing streak, but with Kyrie Irving back they could potentially return there in no time. Last season, many viewed the fully healthy Nets as a favorite, and now that Kyrie Irving has come back, they can get back to being the best team in the league.