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NBA Fans React To LeBron James' 30-Point Triple-Double Against Magic: "This Man Is Literally A Fossil Putting Up These Numbers."

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LeBron James is at the age of 36, yet he is still widely considered one of the top superstars in the NBA. He has missed some time with injury this year, and without him, the Los Angeles Lakers have been very inconsistent as a whole.

However, LeBron James is now back in the lineup, and he has delivered a masterful performance against the Orlando Magic, that reminded everyone just how dominant he is in any given game. The Lakers ended up as the victors in the game, with the score being 106-94. They have now won two games in a row, and perhaps this can be the start of a winning streak for them, something that they have been sorely missing.

NBA fans reacted to LeBron James' elite performance against the Magic, and he finished with a  30-point triple-double. He notched 3 blocks on the night as well. Many lauded him for being able to perform like that at his age, with one commenter even calling him "a fossil".

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Even though some have already counted out the Los Angeles Lakers, they could easily make a run and end up as a top 4 seed by the end of the season. Sometimes, it takes teams with a lot of stars some time to figure things out, and there's no doubt that the Lakers' stars have had to learn to have to work with one another.

We'll see if LeBron James can deliver more of these performances. Some have claimed that he is no longer the best player in the world, and one could see the argument for that. However, he definitely looked the part tonight, and the Los Angeles Lakers will need this to continue if they are to keep climbing the standings. It would be unwise to count out any team featuring LeBron James, and he showed that tonight.