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NBA Fans React To LeBron James Potentially Returning To The Cavaliers: "He Said It Earlier. LeBron's Coming Home, That's It."

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LeBron James has won many championships in his career. All of those championship runs were great runs, but one of them was with the Cleveland Cavaliers, his hometown team. 

While LeBron James did leave the Cavaliers to win championships with the Heat earlier in his career, he did end up making it up to the city and winning them a championship in 2016, coming back from 3-1 down against the Warriors. There is no doubt that it was an amazing accomplishment,

Recently, LeBron James has suggested that he could return to the Cleveland Cavaliers once again, claiming that the door isn't "closed" on the prospect of that happening. It would certainly be intriguing to see if that actually happens.

Now the only question is whether another picture could go up there again some day. Could James actually return to Cleveland and play for the Cavaliers a third time?

“The door’s not closed on that,” James told The Athletic Saturday following the East’s team practice on the campus of Cleveland State. “I’m not saying I’m coming back and playing, I don’t know. I don’t know what my future holds. I don’t even know when I’m free.”

Sports Illustrated asked Cavaliers fans whether they believe LeBron James would come back once again. It seems as though most people are welcoming the idea of James potentially returning home. However, some people were skeptical of the idea.

Dear LeBron, please come back home.

All I want to say right now, LeBron James come home, we're ready to win another championship.

It's the right thing to do, he wants to end his career here in Cleveland.

He said it earlier, LeBron's coming home, that's it.

LeBron, you gotta bring your old a** back to Cleveland, we need you. We got a squad here.

He's gonna finish where he started, trying to get another ring.

Storybook ending, trilogy. We had 11 years with him, we only got 1 on out of him, it's about time he comes back.

LeBron is not coming back.

He's gonna retire wherever his kid goes.

It would be nice for him to come back, but I don't think he's going to.

I would love LeBron to come home to Cleveland to retire... if he doesn't lets go Browns.

No, because he's got a surfboard ona  beach somewhere. 

It remains to be seen if LeBron James does end up coming back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. There's no question that if he were to return in free agency, he'd have a solid squad surrounding him, featuring two All-Stars in Jarrett Allen and Darius Garland, as well as a promising rookie in Evan Mobley.

It would definitely be fun to see LeBron James return to the Cleveland Cavaliers once again. They are already a good team without him currently, but with him, they'd be an instant championship contender.