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NBA Fans React To Luka Doncic Being Ranked Over Stephen Curry In ESPN Ranking

NBA Fans React To Luka Doncic Being Ranked Over Stephen Curry In ESPN Ranking

In just three seasons, Luka Doncic has made it clear to most NBA fans that he is here to stay for a long time. The European magician has established himself as one of the best point guards in the league. On top of that, he is just getting started and will only get better with time.

Obviously, Luka is expected to receive a high ranking in ESPN's NBA rankings for the 2021-22 season. What fans didn't expect was to see Doncic's name over Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry.

Curry, 33, has been in the league for more than a decade and during his time, he has achieved almost everything an NBA player could hope for. He has won multiple NBA championships, regular-season MVP, scoring titles, and, of course, is a perennial All-Star. 

Moreover, last season Steph had a phenomenal season and almost carried the Dubs to the postseason. Despite having such a decorated resume, ESPN has ranked Curry fifth for the upcoming season, while Luka is ranked fourth on the list.

It led to many sports pundits and fans once again bringing to the point that Steph is one of the most underrated players in the NBA. Instagram page Hoops Nation posted about the same and NBA fans from all around the world reacted to it.

E.mjdzzz: "Curry has had a better career but luka the better overall player there no discussion."

Mar_cello_att: "this is a prediction for the best players at the end of this season, luka is favorited for an mvp so its reasonable that hes above curry, he’s obviously not a better player but he could have a better season."

G.martinez_20: "People forget Steph was last the best player in 2020-2021 season."

Brooklynnetshub: "Oh my god Steph and it’s not even close. As great as Luka is we are starting to overrate him a little bit."

Jackcaulfield02: "Curry’s top 3 after the year he just had."

Asap.arraf: "Luka is starting to get a little overrated rn, respect the top players some more."

Shaanbaid_13: "Luka overrated as hell."

Zo2_jamiro: "Bro, read the title, it's just a prediction, they are not saying that he's better rn."

Aldon.reid77: "What’s with all the Luka slander today😂"

Login2lolo: "Brah calling the most underrated player of all time is so inaccurate lmaoo."

Dupopiii: "You guys don’t watch the nba fr…luka is a generational talent he proved that by making first team all nba his second year…it’s only a prediction not a statement. he was the media’s favorite to win mvp last year before the season started too."

Many fans made a great point about the post being a mere prediction. They might be wrong or right, but there is no way to tell before the next season begins. 

As things stand right now, Curry is regarded as the best shooter that the league has ever seen and a top 3 point guard in history. It will be hard for anyone to dethrone Curry from these titles anytime soon.