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NBA Fans React To Michael Jordan Partying In NYC: "They Wouldn't Let Pippen In."

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As a former top-tier basketball player, Michael Jordan definitely has the ability to go out and have fun during his free time. It seems as though he did exactly that in New York City last night.

Instagram Page @michael_jordann_ has revealed that Michael Jordan was partying in NYC, and photos show that he was accompanied by his spouse Yvette Prieto. There's no doubt that he was having fun, and one of the photos shows that he has a cigar in his hand. 

A lot of NBA fans reacted to the photo, and many commented on the fact that Michael Jordan seems to be having a lot of fun. Some speculated that Michael Jordan was partying to celebrate his birthday early, as his birthday is on the 17th of February.

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There is no doubt that Michael Jordan is one of those people that simply knows how to enjoy life and have fun. After all, he has the resources to enjoy a very luxurious lifestyle, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying oneself during one's downtime. Michael Jordan has made expensive purchases in the past, notably his superyacht, which is worth $80 million.

You cannot find a single athlete worth a minimum of $100 million that does not have a yacht. But Jordan’s superyacht is on an entirely different level. Number 23’s luxury yacht is worth $80 million, a shocking figure even to the richest people you might know. The yacht extends over 220 feet and has been reported to cost nearly $1 million to maintain per week. That’s right, per week. Jordan must love the water because shelling out that much expense means he is getting the ultimate luxury experience.

So what makes this yacht so expensive? To start, the yacht has a jacuzzi on the deck, a gym, and an impressive dining room. Of course, there is a basketball court for Jordan to show guests that he still likes to get down in his favorite sport. For those wanting to relax, the yacht has a beach club, movie theatre, wi-fi, and full satellite television. For food-lovers, the gigantic boat has a private chef as well to make sure guests are entertained in every way at all times. Quite frankly, it will be hard to find a nicer yacht than the one Michael owns.

Hopefully, we see Michael Jordan continue to have a good time post-playing career.  Michael Jordan definitely deserves to enjoy himself, especially ahead of his upcoming birthday.

Michael Jordan may be retired, but he is still involved heavily with basketball as the governor of the Charlotte Hornets. Hopefully, doing some partying will help him relax and thus continue being a top-tier governor.