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NBA Fans React To Nick Wright's Comparison Of LeBron James At Age 33 And Kevin Durant At Age 33: "You Forgot To Mention That KD Swept Him That Year."

NBA Fans React To Nick Wright's Comparison Of LeBron James At Age 33 And Kevin Durant At Age 33- "How Quickly You Forget That KD Beat The King In NBA Finals."

After Boston completed the sweep over Kevin Durant and the Nets on Monday, NBA Twitter was buzzing with reactions from fans and naysayers.

FOX Sports analyst Nick Wright, who aligns himself with the latter group, took the opportunity to compare the 2x Champion to his long-time rival, LeBron James.

In a damning tweet, he shared the following facts:

The 2017-18 campaign was one of LeBron's best. In the regular season, he carried a dysfunctional and subpar Cavs team to the 4th seed in the East while averaging 27.5 points per game.

In the playoffs, he was even better. He averaged a near triple-double as he pushed his squad to an unlikely appearance in the NBA Finals.

Still, it was Kevin Durant and the Warriors who beat James that year -- a fact that Mr. Wright left off his tweet.

In the replies, fans made sure to let him know.

When it comes to longevity, LeBron is King. At 33-years-old, he was putting on one of the best seasons of his career. Now, at 37, he's still one of the best players in the game.

For Kevin Durant, he has already revealed himself as an All-Time great player and he doesn't have a whole lot left to prove. He did beat LeBron James twice in the Finals, after all.

Lately, though, things haven't been so easy for the former MVP. As a basketball veteran whose status was being challenged by the younger generation of stars, he needed a big showing in these playoffs to keep his place as the best player in the league.

Instead, his team got swept and his play was extremely underwhelming for most of the series. 

At one point, Stephen A. Smith was even calling Durant a better player than the reigning Champion, Giannis Antetokounmpo -- but this series has changed everything.

"Kevin Durant, if he's wearing a size 12 or 13, Giannis goes home," said Stephen A. Smith. "You sit up here and bring that up but you just conveniently forget that. Kyrie was out and James Harden was playing on one leg.... you know good and well Giannis ain't KD! Let's pump the brakes now! Giannis is great, he's phenomenal. He ain't Kevin Durant."

There is no doubt that this season was a huge failure for KD. In fact, that same word can apply to his entire tenure in Brooklyn so far.

Going forward, nobody really knows what to expect anymore. Hopefully, with a healthy Ben Simmons and full-time Kyrie, the Nets will be primed for a deeper postseason run.

Regardless, they will only go as far as Kevin Durant takes them so it's a good thing that the D.C. native has a track record of responding well to adversity.