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NBA Fans React To Taylor Rooks Controversially Claiming Kyrie Irving Is A Superstar But Damian Lillard Isn't: "I Don't Know Why People Think Kyrie Better Than Dame."

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There are times when NBA analysts have controversial takes, and we've seen many analysts get roasted for the takes that fans don't agree with. It seems as though that has happened today.

During Taylor Rooks' recent interview with Jayson Tatum, she controversially claimed that she could not put Damian Lillard in the superstar category, but at the same time said that Kyrie Irving is a superstar. Generally, the two players are viewed as fairly even in terms of ability and talent, so it's surprising to see Rooks put one but not the other in the superstar category. 

Jayson Tatum: Is Kyrie Irving a superstar?

Taylor Rooks: Yes. Kyrie is.

Jayson Tatum: I agree. Is Damian Lillard a superstar?

Taylor Rooks: I think that Damian has all the superstar qualities. But it's hard to put him there in this moment... He has that in him... He's gotta win, he's gotta get there. To me that's some of it.

A lot of NBA fans reacted to Taylor Rooks' take, with many people disagreeing. It is clear that a lot of fans thought that her take was unreasonable, as Damian Lillard is generally considered a superstar by a majority of fans.

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Both Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard are among the best point guards in the league. They are clearly skilled and talented, but it's hard to say that one is superstar-caliber without saying the other is at that same level. Obviously, winning championships is important, but winning happens due to team situations. Kyrie Irving has been in good situations throughout his career, while Damian Lillard has never had a championship-caliber roster around them.

It remains to be seen what other people end up weighing in on this debate. It is clear that Taylor Rooks' take was controversial, and we'll see if she provides more of a follow-up in the future.