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NBA Fans React To 'Thrilled Ben Simmons' At Philadelphia Sixers' Practice

NBA Fans React To 'Thrilled Ben Simmons' At Philadelphia Sixers' Practice

Every action by Ben Simmons has been under the radar since his announcement of his desire to leave the Philadelphia 76ers. He made it perfectly clear that he wants a move away from the franchise. But at the end of the day, no deal was finalized to fulfill his wishes. 

As a result, he is now back with the organization. Evidently, he joined the team practice with his teammates. The same teammates that he even refused to talk about for the last few weeks. A video circulated of him looking completely uninterested in training with the team.

Of course, a few still images from the video were also clicked, which led to fans reacting on social media. An image posted by Instagram account Basketball Forever captioned it perfectly: "Ben Simmons looks thrilled to be back with the 76ers."

Of course, it led to fans sharing their thoughts about Simmons' expression and it led to some pretty hilarious comments. Here are some of the best reactions to the post:

russrara: "My guy just went to practice coz of AI 😂"

marquisjohns25: "I think they told him to shoot a three pointer in this picture and that was the look they gave him."

rywearne: "I'd be miserable too if I was him."

spencer_sweet13: "Imagine getting paid millions to do a job. Not doing that job and steadily getting worse at that job. Then pouting because your bosses don’t think you’re right for the job and start refusing to do the job all together because you chose not to do it well in the first place. Crazy how a 6’11” 240 grown man can be THIS soft lol."

dylanwills: "Aussie page roasting an Aussie athlete. Give the guy a break."

reauxjn: "Wouldn’t even had put that hoodie on lol."

itsjustry69: "LMFAO, man’s actually so joyous rn 😂"

hoodville_ii : "I don’t know for you but Ben looks little bit too happy 😂😂😂😂"

thevegan_bull: "When your mom makes you go to practice 😂"

numandut: "He is just excited to show everyone how much he's worked on his shot 😂"

theboxthrowback: "Just here so I don’t get fined is now a new person."

erick_.quinteros: "Bro pouting like a 5 year old 😭"

antirelevant: "My name is ben and i have a basketball game tomorrow."

Just looking at this image feels like Simmons has no plans to play with his full heart for the organization. But since he is yet to be traded, he has no other choice.

If there is no middle ground found between the two sides it would only further deteriorate the situation. It would directly affect how well the 76ers perform in the season. After all, apart from his shooting struggles, Simmons is still a solid player.