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NBA Fans React To Video Of A Jacked Up Kawhi Leonard: "He Is Ready To Beat The Warriors"

NBA Fans React To Video Of A Jacked Up Kawhi Leonard: "He Is Ready To Beat The Warriors"

A lot of NBA fans have simply forgotten about how good Kawhi Leonard is. The former 2-time Finals MVP has been missing from action for over a year after getting injured in 2021, and the Los Angeles Clippers have struggled as a result. But things will be very different next season, Leonard will very much be looking to return with a vengeance to remind the league of just how good he is. 

Kawhi is a dominant force on both ends of the court, with the ability to get to his spots and score with impunity. He is also a lockdown defender, there aren't many operators that can comfortably perform against the Klaw. And with the prospect of a healthy return exciting Clipper Nation, a video of Leonard looking all jacked up has sent the fans into a bit of a frenzy. 

"He is ready to beat the Warriors."

"Championship season incoming."

"Healthy Kawhi >> hyped for this season so many guys coming back."

"Looks like he bulked up."

"The Western Conference ain't ready, bruh."

"Probably bc he couldn’t walk so he just got buff."

"The Klaw got ripped."

"Hope the Warriors enjoyed that ring, they ain't getting another."

"Can't wait for next season."

"Kawhi is about to ball out, man."

"No one comes close to this man when he's healthy."

"A storm is brewing."

"Imagine he came back as a fkinbeast... Won a chip on his own."

"Looking like the Terminator."

Leonard's return will make the Clippers an extremely dangerous prospect in the West. In a conference that already has the Warriors, Suns, Grizzlies, Mavericks, and the rebooted Timberwolves, a healthy and hungry Kawhi could make all the difference for the Clippers. Seeing the Klaw in action once again is sure to bring nothing but joy to NBA fans next season, and he looks ready to rumble himself.