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NBA Fans React To Video Of LeBron James Dancing While On Vacation: "Only Wish I Have Is To Live Stress-Free Like This."

NBA Fans React To Video Of LeBron James Dancing While On Vacation: "Only Wish I Have Is To Live Stress-Free Like This."

LeBron James is not involved in the postseason this year after his Los Angeles Lakers team crashed out of the play-in tournament following a torrid run of form. Things in Los Angeles have been far from good, with Frank Vogel getting fired and quite a bit of speculation about who might or might not be on the team next season swirling around. 

James has been trying to live his best life though, unfazed by all the drama surrounding his team. He's been watching basketball and tweeting about it quite regularly. However, that's not to say that he's not enjoying his time away from the game either, it seems Bron is on vacation somewhere tropical and beautiful. A recent video of James dancing with a bottle in his hand with the ocean in the backdrop has fans everywhere reacting in different ways. 

LeBron has busted out his best moves as he seemingly enjoys the pleasures of the offseason while the postseason rages on for many other NBA teams and superstars. After the video went viral, NBA fans on Twitter reacted, some loving LeBron's vibe, while others suggested that he shouldn't be this relaxed considering how poor the Lakers have been. 

"If somehow Bron wins another ring or MVP, this video becomes legendary."


"All jokes aside enjoy that sh*t bro f**k basketball for these months and come back for revenge."

"This man better bring another Chip to the Lakers."

"Oh my god he's actually in Cancun."

"When you finish GTA and you in your house in the hills."

"Mood AF. The King earned his time off."

"Kobe would have been in the lab."

"Knowing KD & KYRIE bout to link up with the Gang in Cancun in 48hrs."

"How do you not love this?"

"He just need to stay on vacation and enjoy life tbh."

"Only wish I have is to live stress-free like this."

Fans of sports can be a bit overzealous sometimes, expecting their favorite players to do nothing but be worried about winning all the time. Players are always likely to need and take some time off, and while there will be a time when James gets back to work ahead of next season, there's very little surprising or bad about him having a good time in the meanwhile.