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NBA Fans Roast Kyle Kuzma After His Appearance In The New York Fashion Week: "Looks Like An Octopus In A Winter Jacket"

NBA Fans Roast Kyle Kuzma After His Appearance In The New York Fashion Week: "Looks Like An Octopus In A Winter Jacket"

Kyle Kuzma is a very polarizing player. Ever since he was on the Los Angeles Lakers and failed to make an impact, everybody got on him. Kuz and the fans have been disconnected, and the latter don't miss a chance to diss him for the tiniest thing. 

Recently, the current Washington Wizards player attended the New York Fashion Week and had a little participation there. Kuz has been in relationships with supermodels and must have learned a thing or two about the business, so it was a matter of time before he made it to the big leagues. 

The 2020 NBA champion did a good job, was flawless on the fashion runway, but at the same time raised some eyebrows with the clothes he modeled. It wasn't something so controversial as Russell Westbrook or Jordan Clarkson, but Kuzma's clothes were very unique, to say the least. 

NBA Fans Roast Kyle Kuzma After Appearing In The New York Fashion Week 

Redditor "JilJungJukk" shared the video of Kuz walking through the runway with a curious look that drew a lot of attention. Of course, fans had to react to this, and many made funny comments, comparing Kuzma to movie characters, while others simply trashed the fashion industry and what they're currently putting out there. 

looks like an octopus in a winter jacket

Dr. OctoKuz

Looks like Dwight in his $129 Sith Lord costume

Good for him doing what he wants… he does look like he’s camping and walking around in his sleeping bag though

The “camping, dropped mushrooms and am just peaking” look.

Not feeling this new assassins creed. The old outfits looked better

Sometimes fashion is about making the most ridiculous looking thing and telling someone to put on a serious face

Man’s wearing 4 puffer coats below his waist and someone is getting millions off that? I should’ve went into fashion.

Dennis Rodman paved the way for these dudes.

New Wizards uniforms looks great

Looking like Ursula from the Little Mermaid

What exactly is he supposed to be advertising here?

The f*ck is wrong with fashion

High fashion is offensively stupid.

Assassin Ursula, final villain in the new little mermaid movie

Looking fucking absurd lol but hey whatever floats your boat

Fashion shows running out of ideas

Why does he looks like a bride that went on to play a basketball game the minute the wedding was over?

Vader looking sassy for autumn.

It’s giving Wisdom Kaye.

Looking like Ursla 🔥🔥🔥

I know it’s almost Halloween but damn Kyle showing off his costume this early?

No matter what he does, Kuzma will always get criticized. He's gotten used to that, and even though he often fires back at criticism, the forward knows this comes with his profession, and things are just fine. Next season, the Wizards won't have many expectations, but after securing Bradley Beal, things could get better for them. But only time will tell.