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NBA Fans Roast Jordan Clarkson's Outfit For New York Fashion Week: "What In The Westbrook?"

NBA Fans Roast Jordan Clarkson's Outfit For New York Fashion Week: "What In The Westbrook?"

NBA players are obsessed with fashion, finding the latest trends and creating new ones is a common hobby for a lot of the league's stars. Since Allen Iverson normalized expressing yourself through fashions, players have pushed the envelope with it time and time again. And as fashion continues to evolve, the outfits that some modern NBA stars have worn are things that nobody could have imagined even a decade ago. 

Kyle Kuzma, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden, all are known for experimenting with their styles quite a bit, and Jordan Clarkson is also a part of this list. Being invited to gala and award events gives players the chance to experiment even more, as Russell Westbrook routinely does. And Jordan Clarkson's New York Fashion Week outfit has now become a talking point for NBA fans. 

These outfits may work for the players, but fans and media members don't always necessarily understand them. Charles Barkley has famously roasted several stars for what they have chosen to wear in the past and fans online are equally ruthless, if not worse. So it's easy to see what happened when Clarkson debuted his outfit. 

Jordan Clarkson Got Roasted Online For His Outfit At New York Fashion Week

Clarkson's outfit seemed to be some sort of two-piece get-up with a skirt on the bottom and a vest on top. Fans on Instagram soundly made fun of it, even taking some shots at the players that dress differently in the process. 

"What in the Westbrook?"

"Utah can keep him."

"I refuse to believe they dress like this willingly."

"What is this outfit even supposed to be, man."

"I need to hook Clarkson up with my own tailor, dawg."

"This fit is so wild bro ngl."

"Watch Kuzma and Russ top this in the first week of the season."

"Broo how do people find this drippy."

"I don't even know what that pattern is, yo,"

"This homie need to dress better man."

"NBA players need to get it together bro, lol."

Clarkson will obviously not be bothered by trolling like this, but it is an interesting dynamic that players have to deal with. On the one hand, it's good that they are expressing themselves, on the other, one has to wonder if it's worth the trolling that it invites. Ultimately, this dance will go on for a while, and another player will wear an outfit that tops this soon enough.