NBA Fans Say Nikola Jokic Looked Happier With A Horse Racing Trophy Than With The NBA MVP

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jokic race

Nikola Jokic is the 2021 NBA MVP after recording a terrific season with the Denver Nuggets. Throughout the entire season, the Serbian center was the most consistent player, taking his team to the 3rd seed in the Western Conference while putting up a show every game.

On Friday night, the big man was given the coveted trophy in a ceremony in front of his fans. It's unclear why but Jokic didn't look as happy as fans expected. You can say he looked more concerned than anything, and the NBA community noticed that. 

Redditor "Skreali" found an old picture of Jokic with a horse racing trophy, pointing out that he looked happier in that pic than when he lifted the MVP trophy. 

Jokic receiving the most prestigious individual award in basketball: 😐

Jokic with a horse racing trophy:

jokic race

The horse is wearing a hat!

That’s how they won

That horse is pretending its a person so none of the giants try to ride it.

How f**king tall is everyone in this photo! God damn!

You can use Jokic for scale or you can even use the god damn horse for scale. Crazy photo lol

He's not even the biggest dude in the pic lol

They make the horse look like a pony

The Nuggets entered Game 3 with an 0-2 deficit, which can explain why the Joker wasn't as happy as people expected. He tried to change things for his team, going off against the Phoenix Suns, dropping 32 points, 20 rebounds, and 10 assists. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to beat Chris Paul and co. The Nuggets are 3-0 down ahead of Game 4 after a 102-116 loss at home. 

The situation is pretty complex for this team. Nobody has returned from a 3-0 deficit in the NBA before, but this team came back from two 3-1 disadvantage last year in the bubble. This is the biggest challenge they will face this season, and if Jokic pulls off this feat, he will be a top 3 player in the league.