NBA Fans Say Trae Young Has Incredible Concentration While Talking With Taylor Rooks: 'Trae With The Laser Focus Eye Contact'

Credit: Taylor Rooks

Credit: Taylor Rooks

Although his Atlanta Hawks lost Game 2 of the East semifinals series, Trae Young remains one of the hottest names in the league during the 2021 playoffs. The young guard is doing impressive things this season, catching a lot of attention whenever he steps on the court. 

He has become a cold killer, taking the Hawks to the second round of the postseason, dominating the New York Knicks in the first round, and surprising the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 1 of their current series. He has been on fire recently, focusing on the prize and nothing else. 

Well, it seems like Trae has always been a master of focus, as NBA fans noticed in a recent video. Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks shared footage of an old interview with the Hawks superstar, asking him when the 'we're young' argument would become old for his team. 

Trae vowed that would change soon, which is what happened this season. 

However, NBA fans noticed that Trae was really focused on Rooks' eyes, thinking his answers while other things could distract him. It's pretty evident that Ms. Rooks is a beautiful woman, but Young was as professional as they come. 

He's still focused, but this time on beating the Philadelphia 76ers to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. This young baller has established himself as a star in the league, and he'll try to carry his Hawks as far as possible this postseason. 

Of course, the job won't be easy, but Trae has repeatedly shown that he's not scared of challenges.