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NBA Fans Think Chris Paul Apparently Tried To Injure LeBron James

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Chris Paul has been known for a long time as a player who does anything to win. We all know that Paul is a competitor, and aside from his contributions on the offensive end, he is also a great defender. 

On a recent defensive play against LeBron James, there were fans who accused him of trying to injure LeBron James. Chris Paul is a pest on the defensive end, often doing the little things to annoy his opponents. On the play that is in question, it looks like Chris Paul may have hooked the arm of LeBron James. This comes after the two had already collided mid-air, leading to an injury scare, from which Chris Paul returned.

Rob Perez and others documented the play, and it seems difficult to tell whether it was done on purpose. While some people may have thought it was a dirty play, others suggested that it could be a flop by LeBron James himself, pointing out Paul's smaller stature compared to the King.

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There is no doubt that opinions were mixed. Of course, there is a point to be made that sometimes players sometimes sell calls to the official: we've all seen clips of ridiculous flops in the past. However, hooking someone's arm is also a dangerous play. At the end of the day, nobody got hurt on that specific play, and the game carried on.

Based on the way this game went, this series will continue to be an intense one. Hopefully, there are no injury scares like there were today. We have to understand also that sometimes basketball gets physical, and things happen on the court which aren't as they seem. There is a lot to look forward to for both teams, and it will be a competitive few games.