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NBA Insider Says Kevin Durant Is Expected To Continue To Cause Trouble Behind The Scenes For Nets So They Will Lower Asking Price In Trades

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Kendrick Perkins Rips Kevin Durant For Disastrous Attempt To Be Traded From The Brooklyn Nets: "KD Don't Have The Power, KD Don't Have The Juice"

Kevin Durant's trade request has been the primary topic of discussion this summer among NBA fans and analysts. There have been a lot of varying reports about which teams are trying to trade for him, and where he could potentially end up.

There have been some suggestions from analysts that the Brooklyn Nets should try to keep Kevin Durant rather than trade him. It makes sense that some people would subscribe to that point of view, as it is very difficult to get fair value in a trade for a top-tier superstar. The Brooklyn Nets have likely held out on a trade for this very reason.

NBA insider Marc Stein has recently revealed that there is a "growing expectation in league circles" that Kevin Durant will try to continue to cause "a ruckus behind the scenes" to try to push the Nets to lower their asking price for him in a trade. It is clear that Kevin Durant wants to get moved, no matter what it takes.

If Durant hasn't been traded by then, there is a growing expectation in league circles that he will continue trying to cause as much of a ruckus behind the scenes to try to prod the Nets into lowering their asking price at last to facilitate a deal. If it wasn't apparent by now, he really wants that trade to Phoenix or Miami or maybe even Boston or Philadelphia, no matter what it does to his reputation when he hasn't played a single game yet under the four-year, $194 million contract extension signed in August 2021.

Hopefully, we see Kevin Durant get moved soon to a contending team. It makes a lot of sense to grant his trade request and get the best possible package in return, rather than dealing with a potentially toxic situation.

Kevin Durant is still a fantastic player and the Brooklyn Nets will likely get a lot in return for him. The team would likely still be among the contenders if they refuse to trade him, but that option seems to be more unrealistic with every passing day.