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NBA Insider Says Trae Young And Dejounte Murray Want To Play Together

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NBA Insider Says Trae Young And Dejounte Murray Want To Play Together

Trae Young is one of the best point guards in the league, and there's no question that he is a one-man offensive engine. He has already led the Atlanta Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals once in his career, and he is already producing on offense like a superstar.

The Atlanta Hawks did fall short in the playoffs this year, losing to the Miami Heat. Trae Young notably struggled in the Hawks' first-round series against the Heat, as their defense consistently threw double teams and dared others to try and beat them offensively. It is clear that the Hawks lacked another consistent ballhandler who could punish them for consistently blitzing Trae Young.

There has been some buzz about San Antonio Spurs guard Dejounte Murray potentially joining the Atlanta Hawks. Dejounte Murray notably sent out a cryptic Tweet when reports of him potentially being traded for John Collins surfaced.

NBA insider Jake Fischer has recently claimed that Trae Young and Dejounte Murray are interested in playing together. It is quite likely if that were to happen, it would be on the Hawks as it is unlikely that the Spurs would be able to put together a package to trade for Young.

I know that Dejounte and Trae want to play together, or at least have interest in doing it. 

There is no doubt that Trae Young and Dejounte Murray would make up one of the best guard tandems in the league if they were to be on the same team. Murray is notably an elite perimeter defender, and perhaps he could make up for some of Trae Young's shortcomings on that end.

It remains to be seen if the Atlanta Hawks do end up trading for Dejounte Murray. It could definitely help the Hawks get further in the Eastern Conference, and when a franchise has an All-NBA caliber player like Trae Young on the roster, they have to add talent to help them to succeed in the postseason.