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NBA Insider Shams Charania Drops A Huge Update On LeBron James: "From Everything I've Been Told, His Plan Is To Be A Laker For The Foreseeable Future..."

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Over the past few weeks, LeBron's future with the Lakers has been cast in doubt. 

During this All-Star break, those doubts intensified after James openly admitted that the door 'is not closed' on a return to Cleveland.

But, in a chat on Wednesday's episode of the Pat McAfee Show, Shams Charania gave an update on James that should prove good news for Lakers fans.

(via Bleacher Report)

"I personally don't see a scenario where LeBron James is bolting from the Lakers to the Cavs. I won't see that scenario. Now could he retire one day on a one-day contract with the Cavs? Sure. But as of right now, from everything I've been told, his plan is to be a Laker for the foreseeable future and ride this out. But again, there's gonna be a level of frustration. leBron James, Anthony Davis, they've all been shouldering the burden of this season. This seaosn has not gone the way that they expected. The team is not contstructed the way they expected it to be constructed. So, what you're seeing now is the results of it."

He also gave his insight on LeBron's comments about joining Bron in the next couple of years.

"The way I interpreted those comments, though, is that this is a guy who obviously would love to play with his son. He'd love to play against him and I think, even more, he'd love to be in that dame locker room. Will it happen? I don't know. We're two, three years out from that so it's tough for me to say."

For the next few years, LeBron will be a Laker -- Shams made that clear. Unless something major changes, the 4x MVP is going to stick around for a while longer.

What happens after Bronny becomes draft-eligible is anyone's guess, but by no means is his breakup with the Lakers an inevitability.

We'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out in the end.