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NBA Reporter Thinks LeBron James Talks To Rich Paul About Cleveland, Hints That He Could Potentially Return

LeBron James After The Cavaliers Beat The Warriors In Game 6 Of The 2016 NBA Finals: "They F*cked Up. Mentally And Physically. I'm Telling You, They F*cked Up."

LeBron James will always go down as the greatest player in the history of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Born and raised just a little bit outside of Cleveland in Akron, James ended up being picked first overall in the 2003 NBA Draft by Cleveland, thus playing for his home team.

After James' arrival, the Cavaliers went to the NBA Finals for the first time in 2007. But James left in 2010, joining Miami Heat after a strenuous first tenure in Cleveland, in order to fulfill his championship ambitions. That move significantly strained the relationship between the two sides.

But James made amends when he returned in 2014 and vowed to win a championship for the franchise. He fulfilled that promise in 2016, in what is considered the greatest NBA Finals in history, as James and the Cavs ended up coming back 3-1 to win the NBA championship, defeating the 73-9 Golden State Warriors.

James took the Cavs to 2 more NBA Finals but wasn't able to defeat the Warriors. In 2018, James left the Cavs for a second time, joining the Los Angeles Lakers. This departure was a lot smoother, as the franchise acknowledged the work James did for them.

But could LeBron return one last time to Cleveland? One NBA reporter thinks he might be interested, given how the Cavs have been rebuilding. NBA reporter Hayden Grove spoke on Twitter about how interested James appears in Cleveland's games, and thinks he is talking to his agent Rich Paul, who also represents Darius Garland.

For real on LeBron though, I know for a fact he’s been checking out the Cavs. He tweets about them. I’m sure he checks in with Garland’s agent… Rich Paul. It’s fascinating that he would fit again. 

LeBron playing for the Cavaliers again would be interesting, as James is in the twilight of his career, and does not have much time left. James still has championship ambition, but the Cavaliers are not quite at the level in order to contend.

Given that James' maintained goal of wanting to stay in the NBA till his son Bronny enters the league so he can play with him, it is unclear whether he would ever return to Cleveland. Fans of the Cavaliers would probably want to see him again.