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NBA Rumors: 76ers Are 'Expecting' Ben Simmons To Play In 2021-22 Season

Ben Simmons

With the new NBA season approaching, the situation in Philadelphia continues to grow increasingly unstable.

Ben Simmons, who had a damaging showing in the 2021 playoffs, has given up on trying to make things work on Philly and has informed the franchise he wants out as soon as possible and that he's willing to forgo the entire upcoming season if necessary.

"Everyone that you talked to in the league believes that Simmons will eventually be traded, that the Sixers cannot afford to hold on to him and that Simmons is being very real in his threats not to show up," Krawczynski said on his Podcast, as quoted by HoopsHype.

The problem is, Simmons' trade value is at an all-time low right now, and Sixers Gm Daryl Morey isn't keen on letting his star go for a low-quality package in return.

But, as the waiting game intensifies, there seems to be a strong belief within the Sixers organization that things will improve and that they can re-gain some leverage in this situation.

USA Today’s Tom Moore released the following report a few hours ago:

NBA source: The Sixers 'are expecting (Ben Simmons) to play. The expectation is they will. It's bumpy right now (& the team expects it) to get better.' The 76ers don't plan on making a deal that would drop them back in standings & not getting viable offers.

The Sixers are sticking to their guns, and remain firm in their attempt to get a reasonable return for Ben.

It might sound like hardball at first, but Simmons is under contract for a few more years, thanks to the extension the young stud signed himself back in 2019.

In the end, there is really no obligation for the Sixers to trade their guy right now. And, by the sound of it, they don't intend to unless they get an offer they like.

Whether or not we see him play in the meantime is a matter that remains to be seen.