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NBA Rumors: James Harden's Partying Led To Russell Westbrook's Trade Request From Rockets

(via Houston Chronicle)

(via Houston Chronicle)

Just when you think the James Harden situation is lightening up, another bombshell drops that throws a wrench in the whole thing.

On James Posey’s the Posecast, ESPN's Kendrick Perkins dropped some juicy news on the relationship between Harden and his former Houston teammate, Russell Westbrook. According to Perk, the real reason why Russ wanted out wasn't because of the team, it was because of the partying habits of his co-star, James Harden.

"[If they had some days off], James was on a private [jet] to Cabo! On Tilman Fertitta's private [jet] at that! Russ is like... 'I ain't with all the partying.'"

James Harden is one of the greatest players in the NBA. Despite that, however, the 31-year-old has nothing to show for it. In 11 years in the league, he has not yet won a Championship and has only ever been to the Finals once.

His lavish lifestyle off the court has been well documented over the past few years, so it's no secret that he's quite the party animal. While what he does in his personal time is not really our business, it can have an impact on his teammates.

For Russ, it clearly was too much for him to deal with. We'll see how Kevin Durant and James Harden handle it.