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NBA Rumors: JJ Redick Could Sign With New York Knicks Or Brooklyn Nets

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JJ Redick

JJ Redick has a reputation in the league as an elite sharpshooter. He averages 41.5% from beyond the arc for his career, and there's no doubt that he'd be a good signing for any team that needs shooting.

Two teams that Redick has recently been linked with are the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. A report by Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report suggested that JJ Redick could wait until the 2022 calendar year to sign with a team, with "an eye towards" the Nets or the Knicks. However, there are also other teams that could potentially be interested in Redick, as a Western Conference Coach reportedly stated that he would bring Redick onto his roster. 

Several team executives believe two to three months, though, could be a conservative timeline. Redick, like Millsap, could linger on the league's periphery until the calendar flips to 2022, biding his time with an eye toward joining either New York or Brooklyn, the latter borough being where Redick resides.

Multiple front-office personnel contacted by B/R mentioned their medical team would need to clear an apparent heel injury that may have hampered Redick during his time in New Orleans. Teams flagged it back before the March 25 trade deadline, when New Orleans was discussing Redick packages, sources said.

Redick's apparent desire to land with the Knicks and the Nets has long circulated in the NBA. Several executives have even speculated the veteran could retire if he does not come to terms with either franchise. Yet there likely will be other suitors interested in adding Redick's bench shooting come January as well. "I would bring him on," one Western Conference head coach told B/R. "He can go anywhere and provide value."

There's no question that JJ Redick would be a good fit on either the New York Knicks or the Brooklyn Nets, as both teams are playoff teams that are in need of solid veterans. Hopefully, JJ Redick finds a suitable basketball situation, and perhaps that situation will be in the city of New York.