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NBA Rumors: Kevin Love Could Be The Next Player To Join The Lakers

Fadeaway World 

Fadeaway World 

Kevin Love could be living his last days as a Cleveland Cavalier. The talented big man can still be a valuable piece for a contender team. The Cavs are entering a rebuilding process, and Love doesn't fit their plans. 

Given his hefty contract, it's likely that the Cavs buy out Love and let him free to pursue another challenge with a different team. Jason Reed of FanSided's LakeShow Life explains why and how KL could find his way to Los Angeles sooner than later. 

It might be this offseason or it might be after the trade deadline. The question really is not if, but when.

Kevin Love does have two more seasons under contract in Cleveland but as we saw with Detroit and Blake Griffin, a two-year buyout is definitely possible. With Evan Mobley now on the roster, Love is only taking minutes from the young core that is the future of the team. He does not help Cleveland at all anymore.

Reed adds that Love's connection on the team's roster could play a big role in his potential arrival to Staples Center. 

Being a former teammate of LeBron is a natural in for Kevin Love. Players not only have to get used to the way that LeBron plays the game but all of the added attention that surrounds a LeBron team as well.

We have seen teams trade away role players that just did not mesh well with what LeBron wanted to do in the past. Love knows exactly what it takes to be on a LeBron-led team and still seems to have a good relationship with James.

That is not the only connection that Love has on the Lakers, though. Love was teammates with Russell Westbrook at UCLA and those two seem to still have a great relationship as well.

Moreover, Reed believes Kevin can be a better option for the Lakers than newly-acquired Carmelo Anthony. 

Love is a traditional frontcourt player that could not only space the floor but can also bring the traditional things you want from your frontcourt: rebounding and rim protection. Love is by no means an elite rebounder or shot-blocker but he is better than Carmelo Anthony.

Love’s efforts in recent years have not been that great but on a contender he is bound to try more and have a more positive impact. Just look at Blake Griffin last season.

Seeing how things have worked for the Lakers this offseason, it wouldn't be surprising to see them landing a big name like Kevin Love. He has a history with LeBron and Westbrook, and can bring something to the table. The Cavs have a big decision to make on this, and the Lakers will be ready to make a move if KL is available.