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NBA Rumors: Lakers Have Worked Out Isaiah Thomas And Darren Collison To Fill Potential Roster Spot

NBA Rumors- Lakers Have Worked Out Isaiah Thomas And Darren Collison To Fill Potential Roster Spot

The L.A. Lakers have been the NBA's most active team through these first few weeks of August. After a first-round elimination against the Suns, the franchise went to work re-tolling the roster, bringing in Russell Westbrook, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, and others in a flurry of signings and trades.

And while most would say their current roster is an improvement from last year's, the Lakers are not yet done making moves.

According to reports, the 2020 Champs are continuing their pursuit of talent, and have worked out Isaiah Thomas and Darren Collison with the hope of filling out their roster.

(via Yahoo Sports)

The Los Angeles Lakers are actively surveying the landscape to eventually fill out the roster with more depth, and have done so in recently working out Isaiah Thomas, Darren Collison and Mike James, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

A signing is not imminent, sources said. The Lakers could also elect to bring players into training camp to fight for the last few roster spots.

The Lakers, who have 12 players under guaranteed contracts, will go into the 2021-22 season carrying 14 players in order to maintain flexibility, sources said. Each team can carry a maximum of 15 players and two two-way players.

A third point guard is a priority, sources said, along with potentially adding another wing.

Collison, 33, walked away from the game at the end of the 2018-19 season, averaging 11.2 points per game for Indiana during his final sting in the league. Although his retirement was sudden and extremely unexpected, there have been no serious talks of a return to the NBA - at least, until now. Even at his current age, years removed from his last pro-game, he could be a big asset to the Lakers off the bench.

For Isaiah Thomas, his attempts at an NBA comeback have been well documented. After a 3-game stint with the Pelicans last season, there wasn't much hope we'd see IT back on the NBA stage. Nonetheless, he has resurfaced after his explosive 81-point performance in a Pro-Am league went viral online.

Whoever the Lakers decide to get with their last few remaining vacancies, expectations will be high. As the lucrative franchise fights for another title, anything but Gold will be considered a failure in the eyes of the community.