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NBA Rumors: LeBron James Almost Signed With New York in 2018, But His Wife Wanted To Be In L.A.

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

Over the past three seasons, LeBron James has had some amazing success with the Lakers, leading them to an NBA Championship in 2020 and putting them in a position to repeat in 2021.

But did you know that L.A.'s white knight was thinking about becoming a Knick?

Before he inked a deal with the Lakers in 2018, Bron was apparently keen on a move to New York City, where he likely would have made the Knicks an instant title contender.

Instead, he opted for Los Angeles after his wife, Savannah, told him that's where she'd rather be.

(via the Hoop Collective Podcast)

"We heard that LeBron wanted to come to New York. And I have really good sources about this, that he was thinking about coming to New York but that his wife wanted to be in Los Angeles."

The Knicks are in the middle of one of their best seasons in years. With Julius Randle, RJ Barret, and Derrick Rose, they have the talent necessary to make a respectable playoff run.

But with LeBron James, they'd be right in the mix for a title -- something Knicks fans, and the entire NBA has been dreaming about for years.

In the end, it's understandable why the James family ultimately settled in Los Angeles, especially this late into LeBron's career. But man, would it have been something to see "King" James rocking the Orange and Blue.