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NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Could Bring Back Dennis Schroder Depending On How Their Roster Develops

Dennis Schroder

With the Brooklyn Nets likely to run it back, it puts the Lakers at a major disadvantage. As really the only team fighting to acquire Kyrie Irving, his unavailability has really put a damper on their offseason plans.

Now, Rob Pelinka is scrambling to find other ways of improving his team, and it is leading him to familiar faces.

In a report by NBA insider Marc Stein, he labels Dennis Schroder as a potential target for the Purple and Gold:

Re-signing free agent guard Dennis Schröder is a "legit consideration" for the Lakers, league sources say, depending on how the rest of their roster develops. After one season as a Laker, Schröder played for Boston and Houston in 2021-22. 

Schroder played admirably for the Lakers during the 2020-21 campaign, pouring in averages of 15.4 points, 5.8 assists, and 3.5 rebounds per game on 43% shooting.

When he refused L.A.'s huge extension offer and later went on to accept a much lower offer from another team in free agency, his time in the city ended, and he faded into obscurity.

But now, with Russell Westbrook likely to be a Laker next season, it is forcing the Lakers to get a little bit less picky about who they consider signing. If you ask NBA analyst Skip Bayless, Schroder is, at the very least, a better option than Westbrook.

"Right now, Dennis Schröder is better than Russell Westbrook," said Bayless. "He would be more acceptable to LeBron, he would fit better next to LeBron and AD. He averaged 15 and 6 for the Lakers two years ago. He's pretty nifty... Very good in the pick and roll. He would be much useful to LeBron and a better fit for LeBron than Russ would be... He's not more delusional than Russell Westbrook about what his worth is."

Obviously, Schroder doesn't have the same resume as Russ, but he might be a better fit overall. As a capable scorer and quality playmaker, he would be valuable in helping to spread the floor around James and Davis.

Whatever the case, Rob Pelinka is clearly still weighing his options in the aftermath of the latest Durant news. Schroder might not be the best or most appealing asset on the market, but he could help the Lakers in more ways than one.