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NBA Rumors: Rival Teams Uninterested In Kemba Walker Due To His Knee Issues

Tom Thibodeau Is Replacing Kemba Walker With Alec Burks As The Knicks' Starting Point Guard: "It’s A Tough Decision To Make. But You Always Have To Do What You Think Is Best For The Team.”

What started as an exciting 2021/22 season for Kemba Walker has turned into a nightmare for the veteran point guard. After a tumultuous stint with the Boston Celtics, the player was traded to Oklahoma City, where he was bought out, opening the door for the New York Knicks.

After signing with the Knicks, the picture looked very promising for the playmaker. Yet, things quickly went downhill after Tom Thibodeau decided to make some hard decisions, removing Kemba from the team's rotation, giving his spot to Alec Burks. 

Ever since that moment, Walker was linked with a move away from the big apple, but nothing is official right now. None of this could be true, however, as recent reports suggest Kemba isn't drawing attention from rival teams. 

According to Matt Moore of Action Network, Kemba's knees are a major reason why teams are wary about calling to know if he's available in trade talks. 

There is no interest league-wide in taking on Kemba Walker according to multiple sources. Walker was benched to try and kickstart the Knicks, a move that has failed, but the league consensus is that Walker’s knees represent too much of a risk even if his play with New York and Boston was more about situation.

Kemba entered this season hoping to find the success he couldn't have with the Charlotte Hornets and Boston Celtics. Following a big season last year, the Knicks were poised to improve their performance, but they've struggled to find their touch so far. 

Changes needed to be made and removing Kemba from the rotation was one of them. So far, the Knicks are still struggling to play like the surprising team they were last season, but things haven't gone in their favor. The rest of the conference boosted their squad, and that's another reason why they can't be as good as last season. 

Meanwhile, Kemba remains benched, a situation that won't change anytime soon.