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NBA Rumors: Knicks Could Trade Kemba Walker For John Wall

NBA Rumors: Knicks Could Trade Kemba Walker For John Wall

The New York Knicks started the 2021-22 season the way they left off in their last campaign, giving fans at Madison Square Garden a lot to cheer about. Unfortunately, they have been on a downward spiral lately, and head coach Tom Thibodeau is not pleased with Kemba Walker's performances.

Walker was a key addition in the 2021 offseason and started the season showing how much of an asset he is for the team. On nights where Julius Randle was not effective in scoring the ball, he took over and led the team to victories. Unfortunately, Thibodeau, who is a big fan of great defense, has grown frustrated with his defensive woes to the point of removing him from the rotation altogether.

"It's a tough decision to make, but you always have to do what you think is best for the team," Thibodeau said after practice on Monday.

The veteran guard had a hero's welcome to the Garden, as Rose was happy with him being the starting point guard. While Thibodeau asked that he stays true to himself, the head c demanded aggression. With the inconsistencies in performance and a defensive rating of 108.2, Thibodeau has opted to use Alec Burks as the starting point guard.

According to Bleacher Report, league sources have revealed that there is a likelihood that the Knicks will be looking to trade Walker during the trade deadline, and the Houston Rockets is a possible destination. Although he does not hold much value now, desperation might result in teams seeking his services as he is still a bucket-getter.

As things stand, the Rockets are looking to move John Wall, who has not played a game in the NBA since April 23, 2021. Considering that, teams will not be jumping at the opportunity to trade for Wall, especially with his $91 million contract valid for the next two years. But with Wall's request to play, even in a limited role, his value could go up before February 10, 2022.

Walker has some time to get back in his coach's good graces if he can improve his performance. So far, he is averaging 11.7 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 3.1 assists while shooting 42.9% from the field.