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NBA Scout On Jaden Ivey: "Think Of An Early Russell Westbrook With A Jumper."

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jaden ivey russell westbrook

The NBA Draft is coming up, and there's no doubt that if a team drafts the right prospect for their roster, then that could change the trajectory of their franchise entirely.

One of the most prominent prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft is Jaden Ivey, and most people expect him to go top-5 in his class. One of the traits that he has been lauded for is his athleticism. An NBA scout who spoke to Marc Berman of the New York Post even compared him to a young Russell Westbrook but with a jump shot:

“Ivey is one of the best athletes in the draft," one Western Conference scout said. "Think of an early Russell Westbrook with a jumper. But he needs a fast tempo to be at his best, but he’ll improve any team’s talent level and explosiveness.’’

Russell Westbrook is a former MVP that has set multiple records in the league, and he was the starting point guard on a Finals team in his prime. There's no question that being compared to him is a huge compliment, and if Jaden Ivey can reach the same heights as Russell Westbrook, then that will be a very successful career. If his jumper from college translates to the league, then he has the potential to be a truly special player.

If Jaden Ivey does go in the top-5 of the draft, then he'll likely go to a rebuilding team that will give him plenty of playing time so he can develop into the top-tier guard that he can be. A guard like him has the talent to be elite, but the situation that he is drafted to is very important in terms of development. Hopefully, he gets drafted to a place where he feels comfortable and is able to show off his game.