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NBA Scout On Jrue Holiday's Defense: "Good Defender Not Great Defender... I'm Not As Sold On Holiday As Others."

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jrue holiday

Jrue Holiday is widely known as one of the best defenders in the league. While his focus is obviously shutting down shot creators on the perimeter, he is an amazing defender for his size and has even made life tough for big men in spurts. Holiday has a great reputation, and many have stated that he is one of their toughest matchups.

While he has a stellar defensive reputation in the league, it seems as though Jrue Holiday still has his doubters. Recently, an NBA Scout has talked to Barry Johnson of the Miami Herald about Holiday and revealed his doubts about the veteran Milwaukee Bucks guard.

The scout mentions Eric Bledsoe as an example of a player who is similar on the defensive end and mentions that Holiday is an upgrade, though not necessarily a groundbreaking one. While the scout is entitled to his opinion, there is no doubt that Jrue Holiday is an extremely talented defender. He has fit in well with the Milwaukee Bucks and their already stout defense and gives them a solid third option on the offensive end.

The Milwaukee Bucks gave Jrue Holiday a big contract extension, worth at least $134 million. The team obviously values what Holiday brings to the team. Two-way players who can lock up but still give their opponents buckets on the other end are extremely valuable, hence the massive extension. It is clear that despite only making one All-Star team in his career, Jrue Holiday deserves the praise that he gets from all over the league.