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Nets Owner Likes A Tweet From A Kyrie Irving Hater: "Team And Culture Greater Than Any One Player."

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NBA Insider Says Kyrie Irving Might Be Attempting To Create Leverage By Suggesting He Might Leave The Brooklyn Nets As They Reportedly Don't Want To Give Him A Fully Guaranteed Long-Term Contract

The Brooklyn Nets are a team that has had great expectations the past two seasons, but they have fallen short both years. They ended up getting eliminated in the second round last season, and the first round this season, despite being pegged as a championship contender both years.

As of right now, it seems as though the Brooklyn Nets might be making some huge changes this offseason. It has recently been reported that Kevin Durant is "considering options for his future", which has opened the way for a potential Kyrie Irving trade request. It seems as though there is a possibility that neither player is on the franchise next season.

Nets owner Joe Tsai has recently liked a Tweet from a Kyrie Irving hater, who pointed out that "team and culture" are more important than "any one player", while also claiming that she was ready to "get back to Nets basketball".

Just drove by Sean Marks exit on my way to work. I didn’t see white smoke. But I know that man is cooking. IN SEAN MARKS WE TRUST. Team and culture > any one player. Excited to get back to Nets basketball.

Also for what it's worth, a lot of you seem to think Kyrie has FAR more value than he does. Let him opt out! I know one owner with cap space dumb enough to get conned (Knicks).

There is no doubt that no player wins by themselves. Winning is done as a team, and even stars need role players to support them. While individual brilliance is often required to win at the highest level, that individual player also needs good teammates to get to that point.

It remains to be seen what the Brooklyn Nets do regarding the Kyrie Irving situation. It makes sense for them to try and retain him, but it is clear that Kyrie Irving leaving is a real possibility.