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New York Knicks Preparing To Offer Jalen Brunson 4-Year $110 Million Contract According To Chris Haynes

New York Knicks Preparing To Offer Jalen Brunson 4-Year $110 Million Contract According To Chris Haynes

The New York Knicks' pursuit of Jalen Brunson is finally materializing in a contract offer to the Dallas Mavericks guard. Earlier today, the Knicks traded away Nerlens Noel and Alec Burks to finally make about $30 million in cap space to offer Jalen Brunson a massive contract to entice him away from Dallas, who can offer him a longer-term contract.

According to Chris Haynes, the Knicks are preparing to offer Brunson a 4-year $110 million contract. That would entitle him to $25 million in his first year, with the contract possibly escalating to $29 million by the time it is in its final year. Whether or not the contract will have a team or player option is unclear. 

The Knicks have targeted Jalen Brunson as their primary piece of the summer and have been making a lot of moves to make acquiring him possible. The Mavericks are left with nothing if Brunson walks as they are already capped out and don't get any salary relief from Brunson leaving. JB was on $1.8 million for the 2021-22 season

Dallas is reportedly getting ready to offer Brunson the same amount over 5 years instead of 4, netting Brunson $22 million each season. Considering New York is giving him more money on a yearly basis, that has to be the more attractive offer for the former Villanova guard.

Dallas not matching the offer is a little odd, but it seems they have set their price for Brunson and wouldn't want to overpay him. If Brunson was to sign a 5-year contract, it would end with Jalen as a 31-year-old player. 

The Knicks are getting ready to have a full-time point guard in Brunson, who finally can play without Luka Doncic's high-usage impacting his play. Jalen averaged 21 points in the playoffs despite that presence, so he will be accepting to play up to his contract in New York to avoid the wrath of the fanbase that has seen the team move heaven and earth to make space for him.