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Nick Wright Says That LeBron James Is The Greatest Athlete Ever With No Close Second

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

LeBron James is currently the best basketball player in the world. Most people, and even most basketball players, would probably agree with that statement. LeBron James has had the mentality to succeed, and a big part of that has been his focus on working not only on his skills but on his body and athleticism. An important and underrated part of his ability to stay relevant has been LeBron James' magical athleticism. He takes care of his body, which leads to better performances on the court.

Nick Wright, an NBA analyst, has recently said that LeBron James is the greatest athlete of all-time, with no close second. Watch Wright explain his reasoning here:

Colin Cowherd's main argument for LeBron James being the greatest athlete is his ability to stay on the court and give his teammates the ability to manage their load and handle whatever minutes his coach throws at him. Perhaps Cowherd has a point: LeBron James has had a heavy dose of minutes, yet never once missed an important game in the playoffs. LeBron James' longevity and ability to stay on the court definitely adds to his GOAT resume, and it is an understated part of his legacy.

LeBron James is truly one of the greatest athletes of all-time. Saying that there is no close second to his athleticism may be a stretch, considering the number of amazing athletes that the NBA has seen. Hopefully, we get to see peak LeBron James for just a little longer, as his athleticism is otherworldly and fun to watch when he barrels to the rim for a dunk.