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Nick Young Gives Huge Praise To Draymond Green: "Teams Are Scared Of Him..."

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While Draymond Green may not stuff a stat sheet like some of his peers, his impact on the game is huge. What he does on both ends of the floor is exactly what has helped the Warriors find so much success over the past 8 years.

And even as his play gets put on full display in these Finals, his production isn't being ignored.

In fact, according to Nick Young, Green is a guy who other teams are scared to play:

"They scared of Draymond. I've seen Draymond a team's dynamic. He beats them by himself, I mean they just scared of him. He got a gift. He knows how to do it."

Draymond isn't just a dog on the court. He's also a leader for the Warriors and a star who knows how to hold his teammates accountable.

“I think accountability in life is important in anything, not just basketball,” Green said earlier this month. “As a leader, one thing I hate is leaders who when everything is good, it’s all up… And when stuff hits the fan, it’s everybody else fault. For me, I understand that ultimately, if I play well, we win. If I don’t, we still can, but if I do, we win. So that falls on me and like I said, you have to accept your role in things and have some accountability or none of this works… I can’t hold anyone else for that matter accountable if I can’t look at the mirror and hold myself accountable.”

Today, the Warriors are once again back in the Finals and just a few wins away from winning it all. The success they have seen over the past decade is unreal.

For Draymond's part, he has been there every step of the way to guide, lead, and do all the little things that help his team win games. It's no surprise he is revered so highly within the basketball community.