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Nicolas Batum Says Tyronn Lue Saved His Life And His Career: "I'll Stay With Him Unless They Kick Me Out."

Nicolas Batum

33-year-old Nicolas Batum has had an incredible journey in the NBA. From a borderline All-Star in Portland to nearly out of the league, he recently bounced back in a big way that has revived his career.

And now, faced with endless options this summer, it is up to Batum to write out his own story. According to the veteran forward himself, he has no intentions to leave the Clippers, not after the way head coach Tyronn Lue helped to bring out his best.

(via USA Today):

Nicolas Batum has been one of the most underrated stories in basketball since coming to the LA Clippers. With the future of his career in question, as he was released by the Charlotte Hornets in 2020 without any prior notice, Batum was unsure if any other teams would want him. The Clippers certainly did, and the pairing has been perfect.

"[The Clippers] gave me another chance in this league to compete and be a basketball player, so I think that's kind of my way to say thank you," Batum said after a particularly explosive night. "I'm gonna do whatever it takes to win games and do something special. Even on the best day of my life."

Nicolas Batum has been open about the uncertainty he felt after being released by the Charlotte Hornets, and going from that uncertainty to a key role player on a team with championship aspirations is not something he overlooks. In Batum's own words, Ty Lue and the Clippers saved his career.

Batum was asked on a recent stream which team he wants to finish his career with, and said in French, "Ty Lue saved my life, so I'll stay with T-Lue unless they kick me out. He saved my career."

Without Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the Clippers didn't get very far this season. They failed to make the playoffs after losing a pair of play-in games. But with a healthy roster, the franchise could make some serious noise in the 2022-23 campaign.

Along the way, Batum will be ready to make shots and contribute however he can. Thanks to Tyronn Lue, we know he still has plenty of left in the tank to give.