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OnlyFans Hot Model Shows DM From Devin Booker, Who Allegedly Asked For Her Phone Number

OnlyFans Hot Model Shows DM From Devin Booker Who Allegedly Asked Her For Phone Number

Devin Booker is the target of an OnlyFans model who recently shared a screenshot of the Phoenix Suns superstar trying to slide into her DMs. The 25-year-old is currently dating supermodel Kendall Jenner and they look very happy together, which is why this situation was met with skepticism by fans. 

Still, OF model Ava Louise saw a chance of getting five minutes of fame and shared a screenshot of Book asking for her number on Instagram. This is the same girl that exposed former NFL's wide receiver Antonio Brown after he allegedly sneaked her into his hotel room last week, the night before Brown's infamous outburst in the middle of a game. 

Well, Louise hasn't stopped there and she's trying to cash in on her name while she can, pointing at Devin Booker now. Following the Brown situation, she posted an interesting story on Instagram, showing the shot of Book's message while asking if she should head to the NBA now. 

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Something worth noting here is that Louise doesn't show the date of the message, which could mean he sent it a long time ago when he wasn't even dating Kendall Jenner. Book seems to be really happy with his relationship and it doesn't look like he needs to be chasing girls on social media. 

In recent days, fans speculated about him being engaged to Jenner, so it would be odd to know that he's doing bad things behind her back. Louise is really beautiful and it's not hard to imagine she has many men after her. 

The stranger thing is that she appears to have some type of relationship with Jenner and now is trying to expose her boyfriend. Things are going strong for Devin and Kendall. They look happier than ever and until now, nobody tried to mess up their relationship. Hopefully, things stay this way and they can continue their love story. At the end of the day, Book got a good one, as Kendall is trying to get her boyfriend into the All-Star Game with all the people that follow her on social media.