P. J. Tucker On Guarding Kevin Durant: "He's Gonna Score The Ball, Nobody's Gonna Stop That..."

kevin durant

Kevin Durant has been instrumental for the Brooklyn Nets in the playoffs so far, just like everyone expected. He has elevated his scoring in the playoffs, going from 26.9 PPG during the regular season to 32.0 PPG in the postseason. Kevin Durant has widely been viewed as one of the top scorers in the league this year, and he has a case to be considered the best.

The Brooklyn Nets are currently playing the Milwaukee Bucks, and Durant's scoring has been key to the Nets taking a 2-0 lead. When veteran defender P. J. Tucker was asked about Kevin Durant's scoring by Eric Nehm of The Athletic, he suggested that there isn't really a way to stop him and that all you can do is try and make it difficult on him.

He’s gonna score. He’s maybe the greatest scorer ever, one of the best. He’s gonna score the ball, nobody’s gonna stop that. We just got to keep fighting, keep trying to get through screens, keep trying get into him, make him take tough 2s, keep him off the 3-point line, stick to our principles, keep doing things we’re doing, but better. We gotta be better.

Go out and guard the greatest player ever maybe and don’t foul him? Like, it’s gonna happen. I gotta be physical to be able to get into him. He’s going to score the ball. He’s gonna get 30 or whatever. I just got to try to make it as tough as possible. He’s gonna score the ball, you’re not going to shut him down, nobody’s gonna do that, but I can try to make him take more shots to be able to get it. I can try to wear him down, that hopefully in the fourth, he’ll not be as good. And that’s all you can do.

P. J. Tucker has faced Kevin Durant in a playoff series before, so he definitely has experience with guarding him. While Kevin Durant may be unstoppable, there are certain things you can do to make the game more difficult for him. Hopefully, the Milwaukee Bucks are able to come up with a plan for Kevin Durant, as their championship hopes will be in trouble if they don't.