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Patrick Beverley Reacts To Being Traded To The Jazz: "Time To Take Another Team 2 Playoffs"

Patrick Beverley Reacts To Being Traded To The Jazz: "Time To Take Another Team 2 Playoffs"

This NBA offseason is already proving to be one of the more interesting ones in recent time. We have seen some big moves like Dejounte Murray being traded to the Hawks and, of course, there was the bombshell news of Kevin Durant requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets.

We had some more big news come out earlier today, as Rudy Gobert was traded to the Timberwolves. The Jazz got a haul of 4 first-round picks and multiple players in return, with the biggest name in there being Patrick Beverley. Beverley reacted to the news of him being traded on Twitter, and he was optimistic about the move.

He is quite proud of the fact that he has gone to the playoffs every season bar one in his NBA career and injury restricted him to just 11 games when he did miss out in 2018. While he is joining a team here that has made the playoffs in each of the last six seasons, there have been major changes recently in Utah. Some of their key contributors from this 6-year run are gone, with the latest being Gobert and one has to wonder if the Jazz are going for a complete rebuild.

Donovan Mitchell has long been rumored to be a target for the New York Knicks and it has recently emerged that the Miami Heat will pursue a move for Mitchell if they don't land Kevin Durant. If Donovan does get moved, then a full teardown will be in effect in Utah and we doubt Beverley will be able to take a rag-tag bunch to the postseason out in the West. We now wait and watch how the Jazz plan to move forward from here on out, but it is definitely the end of an era with Gobert being shipped out.