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Patrick Beverley Says The Lakers Would Make The Western Conference Finals Under His Leadership: "No Discredit To LeBron James, But Who's Their Leader?"

Patrick Beverle

After finishing 11th in the West this year, the Los Angeles Lakers aren't really in a position to succeed going forward. With LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook all on the books for the 2022-23 campaign, there isn't much hope that they can string together a successful run.

For Patrick Beverley, however, there is a player who could lead the Lakers to glory: himself. In an appearance on 'Stephen A.'s World' this week, Beverley spoke on the Lakers and explained why they could make the Western Conference Finals with his help:

“If I was a free agent and I played for the Lakers, we're going to the playoffs. We're going to the Western Conference Finals. No discredit to LeBron James, but he’s doing so much… Who’s their leader? Who’s telling LeBron, ‘Hey LeBron, you gotta be low man, bro. That ain’t your help out. You gotta X-out.’ No one’s telling him that. Not on a consistent basis. I’m gonna tell everyone that because I want to win,” Beverley said. 

It's a hot take from Beverley, for sure. As a rough and rugged point guard with one of the best defensive packages in the game, he would obviously help a team like the Lakers, who looked (at times) like they lacked direction.

But to say they would make the Conference Finals might be a stretch. As good as Beverley is, there's no way he would transform a dysfunctional Lakers squad into a bonafide title contender.

Despite some exciting scenarios being thrown around, Bev might never get the chance to prove himself right. But if the chance ever does arise, he has admitted he'd welcome the opportunity to join forces with 'the King':

"Yes, I wouldn't even hesitate," said Beverley. "Just to be able to play with a great like that, be able to pick his [LeBron James] brain, be able to be a star in whatever role that I have. Playing beside Russell Westbrook, playing for the Lakers. Fantastic, couldn't ask for a better job."

Beverley did an admirable job igniting and pushing the best out of the Minnesota Timberwolves this season. He helped motivate his teammates to victories and became the leader of an impressive defense.

The chances are, he will not be going anywhere this summer. Still, maybe the Lakers should look into picking him up (or a guy like him) to improve the chemistry and mindset of the team.