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Luka Doncic Goes Viral After Being Caught Enjoying A Cold Beer Just Hours Before The Western Conference Finals

Luka Doncic

Just hours before his first Western Conference Finals game, one would think Mavs star Luka Doncic would be on the court or in the locker room to prepare for the battle ahead.

Instead, he was enjoying some sunlight and a nice cold brew with who is believed to be his teammate, Boban Marjanovic.

Unsurprisingly, people were pretty amused with the Luka sighting and stormed the comments to give their thoughts on the situation.

Luka is just one of those players that defy all logic. When everybody counted him and the Mavericks out, he lifted them to the Western Conference Finals. Ahead of Game 1, when he should be nervous, he's out there sipping a drink like he's on vacation. Best of all, it all comes in a season that Doncic began out of shape:

"People are going to talk about it, yes or no," said Doncic, who reportedly weighed in at up to 260 pounds this season. "I know I've got to do better. I had a long summer. I had the Olympics, took three weeks off, and I relaxed a little bit. Maybe too much. I've just got to get back on track."

Well, whatever he did, it worked. By the end of the season, the Slovenian star had averages of 28.4 points, 9.1 rebounds, and 8.7 assists per game on 45.7% shooting. Dallas finished 4th in the West.

Now, he's on the verge of making his Conference Finals debut against the legendary and ultra-talented Golden State Warriors. No matter how Game 1 ends, this should be an exciting and highly competitive matchup between two really good teams.

The biggest difference-maker is, of course, Doncic. If he continues his pace and shreds the Warriors' defense, it could be enough to give them the edge in the series. Either way, he doesn't seem worried about a thing.