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Potential No 1. Pick Chet Holmgren Has Legendary Answer On Who The NBA's Best Player Is: "Myself... In Two Months."

Chet Holmgren

Confidence is key in the NBA, and Gonzaga star Chet Holmgren is in no short supply.

In a sit-down with the potential No 1. pick on Wednesday, he was asked to name the best player in the NBA -- and his epic answer went viral on Instagram.

Holmgren could become the first white American to be drafted first since 1977 when the Milwaukee Bucks drafted Kent Benson from Indiana. He's a versatile 7'0 big man who can shoot from beyond the arc and is comfortable as a pull-up shooter in transition. If he builds his strength and adds some size, he could become a truly dominant force in the NBA.

Even Kevin Durant agrees that the guy could become a real problem once he transitions to the NBA:

So who will be crowned the next KD? It is probably Gonzaga Bulldogs' big man Chet Holmgren. Holmgren is a top-three recruit in the 2022 NBA Draft Class and is expected to make an instant impact in the NBA for being a skinny 7-footer who is a three-level scorer. Sound familiar?

"Yeah, I can see why," said Durant. "He's probably taller than I am. He's got talent, though. He has skills. He just dribbling and shooting. He'll probably be a matchup problem."

With Holmgren, it's not just about his shooting and size. What's really great is how he moves and handles the basketball. Despite being a tall and skinny center, he can move around like a small forward on the court and create his own shot in a multitude of ways.

After last night's draft lottery, there is a strong sense that Holmgren will get picked up by Orlando. With enough time and resources, he could develop into a truly generational talent. Only time will tell. But, at the very least, we know the guy believes in himself and that is an important aspect for any college prospect looking to succeed in the NBA.