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Paul George On Depression In The NBA Bubble: "We're All Dealing With It."



The NBA bubble ha certainly presented a number of challenges to teams and their players. In order to resume the season, and play for the title, players had to promise to stay in quarantine until everything was over.

Of course, that also meant players were agreeing to spend a large chunk of time away from their families, friends, and homes.

That, coupled with everything else that has happened these past few months, and it's understandable why some players have had trouble coping. In a statement by Clippers guard Paul George, he noted how it was something "everyone" was going through...

(via Sports Illustrated)

"I mean, we're all dealing with it," George said. "You know, whether I was the first to say it or not, we're all dealing with it. I've had conversations with guys here, and there's been a couple guys that is like, man, I'm happy I'm not the only one. I've been dealing with this, too. It's a thing in here. It's a brotherhood. Danny has got my back, I got his. We support one another."

Clippers guard Landry Shamet seemed in agreeance with the words of his teammate.

"Paul George doing that, saying that, then it shows the reality of regardless of who you are, we all have our things that we have to deal with and cope with and can visit those dark places sometimes," Shamet said. "It should be eye-opening and received well by anybody who heard it."

Obviously, depression and anxiety are issues that a lot of people have in common and some have a better grip on it than others.

But in these stressful and uncertain times, it should be no surprise that folks are struggling to cope.

The hope is that George, and anyone else who might be suffering from depression, are able to get the help they need to recover.