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Paul Pierce Reveals 2008 Celtics Big 3 With Ray Allen And Kevin Garnett Will Reunite Shortly: "You're Gonna See Us All Back Together Pretty Soon."

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The Boston Celtics big 3 of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett won a championship together in 2008. It was the first season the trio played together, and their win in the Finals marked the Boston Celtics' 17th championship.

When players win a championship together, it creates a really unique bond among members of the roster. However, in this case, the relationship between Ray Allen and his teammates soured once he left to join the Miami Heat. Allen's decision particularly hurt co-star Kevin Garnett who even cropped out Ray Allen from a photo of the 2008 Celtics on an Instagram story.

With that being said, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen have recently ended their 9-year beef after both players made the NBA's All-Time 75 list. There is no question that this was something a lot of people wanted to see, and Paul Pierce has previously squashed his own disagreements with Allen. When speaking to Cedric Maxwell, Pierce even stated that the fans could potentially see the big 3 "back together pretty soon".

Me and KG are going to do a show with SHOWTIME, and I think Ray Allen should be our first guest. I think over time, things will mend together, and I think that, slowly and surely, we got a chance to talk to Ray at the Hall of Fame,We were all there in the same building. And I really give a lot of credit to Doc, though. Cause me and KG was sitting there at the Hall of Fame, and we were talking about the situation. Me and Ray pretty much mended our differences, and K.G. is still on the fence, but I think our conversation with Doc kind of smoothened things over to where you’re gonna see us all back together pretty soon.

It remains to be seen when exactly we'll see the trio re-unite, but Paul Pierce does suggest that Ray Allen will be the first guest on his upcoming podcast with Kevin Garnett.

The Boston Celtics big 3 spearheaded one of the most fearsome teams of their era, and while they only won one championship, they were certainly viewed as one of the top contenders during that time. It is good to see them make amends with one another and rekindle important relationships.