Paul Pierce Says Players Today Are Scared Of LeBron: "My Era Is Out The League, We Weren’t Afraid Of LeBron."

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Paul Pierce Says Players Today Are Scared Of LeBron: "My Era Is Out The league, We Weren’t Afraid Of LeBron."

Paul Pierce isn't happy with all the 'fear' current NBA players experience when they see LeBron James, one of the greatest NBA players of all time. Pierce is well known for not having any type of love for LeBron James and wherever he has the chance to throw shade at the King, he takes it. This time, he went after NBA players of today, stating they are afraid of LeBron, contrary to his era.

On Friday's edition of ESPN's NBA Countdown, Pierce expressed his concerns and disappointment about all these players being scored of Bron.

"Players today are scared of LeBron," Pierce said. "If they see LeBron standing in front of them, fear shakes in them. I know this. My era is out the league, we weren’t afraid of LeBron. But these guys today, he strikes fear into these guys."

He is right claiming that NBA players need to take the challenge of LeBron and not see him as one of the GOATs, but it's crazy to think that people like Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Jimmy Butler and others are scared of Bron. This looks more like Pierce is trying to create controversy once again and the NBA community let him know, calling out the 2008 NBA champion for his words on social media.

Once again, The Truth was telling people anything but the truth. How ironic.