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Paul Pierce Won’t Apologize For His Controversial IG Live: "All The People Coming After Me, Half You Motherf-ckers Do The Same Sh-t. You’re Just Hiding It. "

Paul Pierce Was Wildin' On IG Live With A Bunch Hot Girls Dancing Around Him

Several months ago, Paul Pierce became the man of the hour around the NBA community but not for the best reasons.

The former NBA Champion went live on Instagram having a little too much fun, showing off some strippers, alcohol, smokes, and a poker table with some friends.

While not many people cared about the incident and just laughed it off, ESPN decided that it was the straw that broke the camel's back and decided to terminate their relationship with The Truth.

Pierce, being Pierce, was unfazed and unbothered by the news. Not only did he decided not to apologize but also, he actually embraced it:

“I was done with them, anyway,” Pierce told Sports Illustrated. “It wasn’t a great fit. There’s a lot of stuff over there that you can’t say. And you have to talk about LeBron all the time.”

Besides that, Pierce feels like he didn't do anything wrong or illegal. He was just having a good time with his friends and decided to show it to the world just like everybody else:

“Come on, I didn’t do anything illegal,” the forward said. “These motherf-----s in the Hall of Fame, some did [cocaine], f---ing battery. What the f--- did I do? I was just having a good time. All the people coming after me, half you motherf-----s do the same s---. You’re just hiding it. And you all are married while you’re doing it. I’m divorced. I’m retired. I’m having fun.” 

The Celtics legend didn't think that would affect his status as a Hall of Famer. Clearly, he has no regrets at all:

“Listen. if I didn’t make it with this class, it would be the biggest stiff job in Hall of Fame history," Pierce concluded.

At least Pierce isn't hiding or making up excuses. He's living up to it, embracing it, and dying by his stance. 

Public figures aren't held to the same standard as everybody else, mostly because they're representing a company. But let's not kid ourselves, it's not like Pierce needed the money.