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Pelicans Rookie Trey Murphy III Introduced His Mom To LeBron James For Her Birthday

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LeBron James is among the most recognizable athletes who have played in the NBA. There's no doubt that he's had a great influence on basketball culture, and many people are fans of the superstar forward.

The Los Angeles Lakers faced the New Orleans Pelicans yesterday, with LeBron James putting up an astounding 39 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists during the game. The Los Angeles Lakers lost, however, and many fans criticized them for blowing a 23 point lead in a must-win game.

Pelicans rookie Trey Murphy was instrumental in helping the New Orleans Pelicans win, and he put up 21 points to help lift the team. After the game though, he sought out LeBron James so he could introduce his mom to the Lakers superstar, as it was her birthday. According to Bill Oram of The Athletic, Murphy's mother was "practically in tears".

For his mom’s birthday, Trey Murphy III introduced her to LeBron James. She was practically in tears she was so happy. I said, “You understand your son just beat him,” and she said, “But that’s LEBRON!”

There is no doubt that a lot of people in the world would relish the opportunity to meet LeBron James, and Trey Murphy obviously made that a reality for his mother. This was also a classy move by LeBron James: a lot of people would have been unwilling to do that after a demoralizing loss. 

Now, the focus for LeBron James will be to make the play-in tournament with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are the 10th seed currently though, and LeBron James' injured ankle could potentially force him to miss games.

For the New Orleans Pelicans, the win against the Lakers further solidifies their position as a play-in tier team. The New Orleans Pelicans have bounced back from their horrible start, and time will tell whether the team is good enough to make the playoffs.