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Penny Hardaway On Michael Jordan: "He Was A Bad Dude Man."

Mark Jackson Believes Michael Jordan Would Be Unstoppable In Today's NBA: "Michael Jordan Would Average Whatever He'd Want To Average."

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was a one-of-a-kind athlete. On the basketball court, he could do it all -- shoot, drive, defend, rebound, and everything in between.

Off the court, his electric personality and natural swagger captivated the world, and he quickly became a powerful global icon.

And while it has been years since he last saw MJ on the court, the world has not forgotten his amazing talent.

Just recently, former Orlando Magic superstar Penny Hardaway shared a rather glowing review about MJ, raving about his dominance...

“We were all fans before we got to the league. When we got there, he wasn’t in the league. He came back, and I was kind of like, ‘I am the big dog. Michael is Michael, but you don’t have to show me.’ That was my mentality because I had already been in the league and established myself.

But playing the Bulls, you could tell he was rusty but you could tell he was a bad dude man. The respect was always there. But my thing was you have to attack him before he attacked you, but all we did was piss him off. Once he got that year under his belt and got his feet back wet, he went right back into pitbull mode; it was over.”

Today, the GOAT debate is often a pretty controversial subject, with many fans believing that LeBron James is basketball's All-Time greatest player.

And while James certainly has the resume to compete with anyone at the top, there seems to be something about MJ that sticks out from the rest. His relentless nature, refusal to lose and sheer willpower are things that have gone purely unmatched.

In fact, just recently, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith went so far as to call Jordan the "GOAT" of sports, even over Tok Brady.

Last time I checked, he's been to 10 Superbowls, he's lost 3. This is Tom Brady, as great as he is, as phenomenal as he is, and clearly the GOAT of quarterbacks. When we talk about the GOAT in terms of all sports, I would remind you Michael Jeffrey Jordan, the greatest basketball player to have ever lived, No. 1 on Mount Rushmore. A 6-time champion, a 6-time NBA Finals MVP. Unblemished in championship competition. Has never lost a championship series. Never even allowed it to get to Game 7.

When you bring up Tom Brady and what he has done... The flipside is that he has 3 blemishes in championship competition. He lost to the Giants twice, the Philadelphia Eagles once. By the way, it was a backup quarterback that beat him in the Superbowl.

In the end, it's hard to compare anybody to Jordan. There just hasn't been, and probably never will be anybody like him.

As Hardaway said, he was a bad dude.