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Philadelphia 76ers Fan Poured Popcorn On Russell Westbrook As He Was Being Escorted Off The Floor With An Injury

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Some types of behavior are just unacceptable in sports. Oftentimes, just because athletes are entertainers, people forget that they are also human. Common respect should be a natural thing for people. However, apparently, it isn't.

Russell Westbrook has recently had a Philadelphia 76ers fan pour popcorn over him while he was headed to the locker room. Russell Westbrook had to be held back from confronting the fan. Anyone would be angry over the incident, and Russell Westbrook is no different.

It is good that any confrontation was avoided, but at the end of the day, that fan's behavior has no justification. Sports get competitive. Everyone knows that: but that doesn't give fans the license to act like this. Fans like that shouldn't be allowed in any arena, period. Hopefully, there are some repercussions for the fan, and there can be a minor sense of justice.

The Washington Wizards and Russell Westbrook may have lost this matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers, but now they're headed home to Washington. A home-court advantage is a real thing and could help the Wizards get a game or two on the 76ers, and make this series more competitive. While the 76ers are the favorites to win the series, nothing is impossible.